Thursday, 11 January 2018

Self development in Workplace

The world scenario today, requires that you board the bus of learning as a toddler and continue the journey every day of your life. This bus has no terminus. It is those who realize this that leave a mark in the world. Self development and continuous honing of knowledge and skills in the pursuit of excellence are the path to achievement. Organizations spend millions on regular training of their employees realizing that development of human resources is the key to lengthening their own longevity.  So, to avoid life becoming a school of hard knocks let us become like a sponge absorbing new information and developing new skills every day in our effort to betterment. Let us be better today than we were yesterday.

Vetacorp has been playing its part in one becoming dead wood by delivering both, communication and stature to make them a go-getter.

Cultfit Healthcare
This chain of state-of-the art  gyms has commissioned Veta to train their staff who are constantly interfacing with their members . The Bangalore location has kicked off with the delivery while the Gurgaon location is on the anvil. The programme is a for a mammoth 90 hours and will cover in depth training in the elements of vocabulary and grammar based training with a smattering of activities that will hone the personality of the takers.

Cupertino Techvox, Hyderabad 
 This tech company like many others in their field is particular about training and development of their Human Resources. Their support team of Hyderabad numbering 12 will undergo a 55-hour module that takes them through functional grammar before putting them through a very exciting narrative and activity based communication training.

At any given time scores of one-on-one training happens across India mainly for CEOs and expatriates who require to hone their English speaking skills. Veta will customize the programme depending oon the existing skill level of the takers.

V-School, Tiruchengode
This school near the city of Erode in TN has called us to deliver a 30-hour Teacher training to their teachers. You might be aware, from previous rendition on this subject that Veta has some specialized modules that are specific to the honing of English skills in school teachers.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Business English

 We would focus on more general topics, such as Business Writing Skills, Business Speaking Skills or General Business Communications read more about Corporate English

  • Assess your business requirements and time frames.
  • Assess the current English language skills levels for each colleague.
  • Design a course that meets all of these requirements using the most effective teaching methods available.
  • Arrange for the training to begin as soon as the teachers and students are together, so all your time and money is used on helping your business become more successful.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Develop your social english

  • Develop your confidence in speaking Business English
  • Learn to persuade others to your opinion
  • Negotiate more effectively in English
  • Activate your vocabulary and your knowledge of grammatical structures
  • Improve your social English in business situations
  • Improve your English in skill areas, such as meetings and presentations
  • Consolidate your knowledge through Integrated Personal Study sessions

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Training modules

  • Vetacorp empowers final year college students to confidently face and successfully crack job interviews.
  • Vetacorp helps schools by training their faculty to empower the children to use English as an effective communicative tool.
  • Vetacorp uses rigorous assessment procedure before and after the training to ensure quality.
  • Check out the training modules

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Interactive -classwork

A language lab and training programme for fluency in English.
For primary schoolchildren.
A quality based English language training for schoolchildren.
From class 1 to class 5
Five grades of 40- hour duration
Phonics to fluency in English
Computer-enabled lessons
Interactive class-work with games and quiz
Multi-colour workbook
Ready to be embedded in regular curriculum

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Veta Spoken english Advantages

Business English: Helps participants speak like a professional. Make effective presentations, build up a vibrant vocabulary and develop the skill and confidence to handle any public speaking opportunity.

Interview Techniques: A short and concise preparation for participants to prepare effective resume/ CV and help them in handling GDs and interviews.

Summer English Camp: An opportunity for school children to learn Fluent English over a vacation.

Personality Development & Group Discussion: Participants will gain an insight into themselves besides gaining an understanding of grooming and etiquette.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

IELTS-Training inputs

Spoken English course helps to improve your Communication skill and confident level. Get your dream job with our internationally designed business English courses

  • Computer based training
  • Training in specific test taking skills
  • Training in linguistic structures specific to IELTS tasks
  • Opportunities to practise IELTS tasks
  • Practice tests under exam conditions
  • Training in reviewing and self-evaluating test performance.